Designer Networks specialise in:

  • Cloud services, both public and private
  • All ranges and brands of servers, desktops, laptops, tablets other IT hardware and software for maintenance, refreshes and new installs
  • Maintenance of or setting up of entirely new networks
  • Microsoft, Apple or Linux/Unix platforms
  • Comprehensive Fail over systems
  • Comprehensive off site or on site back-up systems
  • Complete file sharing options
  • Off-site access facilities to your own network
  • Tablet and smart phone integration
  • All ranges of Internet services
  • Smart VoIP phone systems and peripherals
  • Security monitoring and planning
  • Database integration
  • Cloud integration
  • Microsoft Office 365, setup, management and user training
  • Website security and monitoring
  • Multiple site coupling and optimisation
  • Hardware support - Printers, scanners industrial equipment - you name it!

Our professional priority ticketing system ensures your issues are dealt with on time, every time. You can monitor progress or just call us to talk directly to tech support. No answering services, no ineffective voice recognition call management system. You call you speak to a technician.